Sunday, June 29, 2008


I'm a conservative twenty-four year old woman living South Carolina with my husband and two children. I have lived a lot of different places in my life, though the majority of it has been here. I graduated from the College of Charleston. My job has nothing to do with my degree and I would much rather be a house wife.

I believe every human is born into sin.

I believe the only ticket out of hell is through Jesus Christ.

I believe life begins at conception.

I believe strongly in the sanctity of life, but also support the death penalty.

I believe men and woman were made to be different, though equally important.

I believe true femininity is being destroyed by feminism.

I support abstinence in our schools.

I support Intelligent Design being taught in our schools.

I support homeschooling.

I support the right to bear arms.

I support the right to be a stay at home mother.

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R.D. Thompson said...

Halllelujah! At least there SOME conservative and Bible loving women left on earth!

Way to state it succinctly!