Sunday, July 27, 2008

This Burning Woman

What does it mean?

I wanted my title to be passionate. I wanted something that described my frustration with the relevant feminine issues in America today such as abortion. I thought that the image of fire portrayed this accurately so I went with "burning."

I guess I could also argue that the image of a true biblical woman in America is "burning" away. So I put together "burning" and "woman."

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Dead Baby Pictures

This past week I came across an article written by Canadian pro-lifer, Dorothy Cummings. In her article, "Enough with the Dead Baby Pictures," Dorothy debates whether the pictures of burned and dismembered fetuses are harmful to the cause. I highly disagree with her. Assuming such pictures are used appropriately I believe they can be very effective.

I did not always feel this way though. When I was sixteen I can remember watching pro-life activists outside my high-school toting their large signs around while parents dropped their kids off. Being that this was my first experience with the whole issue, I was quite offended myself. I didn't see the benefit in showing such pictures to kids like me (especially in a school system that still strictly taught abstinence). I didn't know what they were trying to say to us - to me. I don't think I ever really "looked" at the pictures until I got older and felt like I could handle it. In this situation I would suggest photography from the amazing ultrasounds we can do now.

Nowadays I am very comfortable with the more shocking signs, especially when being used in front of an abortion clinic where a woman considering an abortion might see them. I have read many testimonies where women were affected by the pictures and decided not to go through with their abortions.

Dorothy Cummings still thinks these pictures do more harm than good. Her solution?

"I suggest showing pictures of really, really cute little newborn babies instead."

I watched the movie "Juno" this past week (review coming) which deals with a pregnant teen who considers getting an abortion. At the clinic she runs into a high-school acquaintance carrying a sign of a cute smiling baby which reads, "No babies like murdering." She is chanting, "All babies want to get borned," and tries to convince the pregnant teen that her baby "might" have a heartbeat and "probably" has fingernails. Nothing is certain. No facts are given. Even the picture doesn't say anything meaningful to a pregnant teen.

A picture of a smiling baby isn't going to shock anyone or make someone consider the consequences of their actions.

However, a picture of a dead baby shows the very real, undeniable truth of abortion.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

The New Planned Parenthood

The new Planned Parenthood, setting their sites on the more fortunate, "Sex and the City" types.