Saturday, September 27, 2008

Who is Checking the Facts?

In Jill's latest article, "Fact-checking on Gianna and Obama ads" is calling out for its misrepresentation of Gianna Jensen and the's ad.

"On September 24, FC posted an article supposedly fact-checking's Gianna ad as well as Barack Obama's retaliatory attack ad.

There was no excuse for Jessica Henig's hit piece, at times deliberately deceptive and at times woefully ignorant. We know this because we provided every bit of documentation she requested and some she didn't think to request in the days before she posted her liberal spin...The title of Henig's piece gives its bias away: "'Born Alive' baloney. " I wrote Jackson that Henig's article was wrong from the very first word, indicative of shoddy work to follow. Henig should have started with "An," not "A," and 3 days later it's still wrong. But that was nothing..."

Michelle Malkin calls it "Garbage, pure garbage" in her article "Tell All Your Friends is Useless."


Matthew W. Johnson said...

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Matthew Cochrane said...

The liberal media is so woefully biased it's almost like they can't help themselves. Something I've been pondering lately is the death of unbiased media. It might have been on life support for a long time but there was always at least a semblance of unbiased coverege on news networks. That semblance is all but gone now; the great facade is over. This election cycle has seen to it that unbiased objectivity in media coverage of events is a thing of the past.

Matthew W. Johnson said...

I think you would enjoy this guy: